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Leading the Meeting

Don't you love a good meme?  I use this Rihanna picture for anything related to public speaking!

What's great about starting a new job is that you all get to go on this journey with me.  I also get to have a great refresher course in, "How to Survive Your First 90 Days!"  It's been a while since I've had these, "firsts," at work and I'm enjoying the ride.  

So, I lead my first team meeting at my new place of employment and I had to think about what I would do to make this meeting a success.  I definitely didn't want to fail nor lead an unproductive meeting.  Here are a few things that I kept in mind to lead the meeting to victory!

1.  Create an Agenda A leader should never walk into a meeting without having an agenda or meeting goals to accomplish.  If you do not have anything to discuss then why are you having the meeting in the first place?  Create an agenda with actionable items to be completed.  

For example, your agenda items may look something like this.

  • Establish a product launch date - 15 minutes

  • Create product marketing timeline - 30 minutes

  • Review product goals for first quarter - 15 minutes

Each agenda item should require a result which will reduce the likelihood of meeting discussions full of great ideas with no outcomes.  You'll also see that there are time limits set for each topic to keep the meeting within the timeframe given cuz' ain't nobody got time for that!  Sorry, I had to...  

2.  Be Confident Without confidence your meeting will go no where.  You'll either find that another meeting attendee will take control of YOUR meeting or you'll have a group of silent coworkers who are unsure of what to do because YOU'RE unsure!  Speak up and lead with confidence.  My favorite thing to do is to listen to music which acts as my imaginary hype man.  I mean, say what you want about Kanye West but Kanye will make anybody start feeling like the man or woman of the hour!

3.  Delegate Tasks/Topics Last but not least, do not be scared to delegate tasks and ask coworkers to contribute.  You're not being bossy by giving assignments.  In reality you are promoting collaboration along with accountability.  Also, give the team action items to have completed by the next meeting date or ask team members to lead certain agenda topics.  

Delegating also takes some of the work off of your hands.  We all can't take on all of the tasks by ourselves.  There is no way you can do it without the team helping out.  Team work makes the dream work, right?  

Remember when leading your meetings to stay on task, promote a team environment and to be the best version of you.  It's your time to shine and you got it!

See you at the top, ​The Young Professionalist


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