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How I Networked My Way to the White House

I had an opportunity of a lifetime to attend an event at The White House. The excitement was way too real and I instantly became a kid in a candy store when the opportunity presented itself.  I attended The White House Briefing on Advancing Equity for Women and Girls of Color.  The panels explored topics for the betterment of Black women and it was great to hear all of the plans executed and made to do just that. I know what you're thinking and no, the first family was not there but it was amazing to be in a room with a select few.

Let's take a moment and step back because you're probably wondering how I received an invite.  Well, it all became possible with the power of networking and the networking in this situation started months ago!  Yes, months ago I reached out to someone with nothing more than an interest in their business and the benefits of taking that meeting have been nothing short of amazing.  Let me tell you about it.

During the spring I took a leap of faith and asked a fellow girl boss out to dinner just to learn more about her and connect.  There is no shame in my game when it comes to asking for a meeting with someone I've never met before.  I mean, how else would you accomplish a goal if you don't take the first step?  I had the most amazing time just enjoying dinner with her and we parted ways with intentions to stay in touch.

Since then she's been a great support system to me and we've kept in touch.  In fact we now belong to a great group of women we call our Business Besties. What's that you ask? The Besties serve as a resource to each other in business because the entrepreneur journey is hard y'all! I suggest you find yourself a group of Business or Office Besties for when you just need a friend thats in the same boat as you. 

So, like any other time an opportunity presents itself, my business bestie reached out and told me to come to an event.  I was so tired and had been out every night that week but I told her I was coming even though I wasn't exactly sure what we were doing that evening. Sometimes you shouldn't ask questions and just say yes so, I went prepared to take on the event.  

Well, it was that event, that opportunity, that moment that lead to meeting another amazing girl boss!  See, networking can lead to meetings on meetings on meetings!

In the few minutes I had with my new contact we discussed how we may be able to benefit each other and made plans to connect at a later time. Wouldn't you know, as the date approached she extended an invitation to go to The White House as a guest. What??!!! If I was physically able to do a back flip I would of done 7 of them in a row! Again, I couldn't pass up the opportunity and even made more connections at the event. Networking ninja!

*Momentary Karate Moves*

I will be forever thankful to my contact because it was literally a dream come true and the seed was planted way back when I met my first Business Bestie. I owe the world to my Business Bestie because it began with her.  The best part about it is that I absolutely came into both opportunities with these ladies looking for absolutely nothing.  I just wanted to know who they were and be in the conversation.  

I leave you with this.  Never stop meeting people, never stop reaching out to others and always look for opportunities for others to win.  The rewards will come back to you in ways you wouldn't expect.  And that... is how I networked my way to The White House.

See you at the top,

The Young Professionalist


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