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For the Single Girl in the Office on Valentine's Day

Here comes another bouquet of flowers and they don't have your name on them. In fact, none of the deliveries had your name on them today. Sound familiar? Yep, singledom in the office on Valentine's Day is a rough one but it doesn't have to be. Here are 5 ways to handle Valentine's Day in the office as the single one.

1. Take the Day Off!

On what is supposed to be a day full of love you're feeling like Oscar the Grouch. That's okay! We're human. What if you just avoided it all together by using PTO time to go to the spa to take care of yourself. Doesn't have to be just a spa but anywhere that you enjoy. You'll be focused on you rather than all of the mushy lovey noise going on in the office. Plus, if you happen to be mad or sad you can release that energy in the sauna or with a nice big bowl of ice cream!

2. Get Yourself a Galentine!

Okay, so what is a Galentine? It's one of your single girlfriends who you decide to celebrate Valentine's Day with. Although February 13th is the official day for Galentine's Day you can still send your favorite gal pal some nice chocolates or flowers on the 14th. She would do the same for you by sending over something you totally adore. Its a great way for friends to take care of each other and show that they care especially if you know it may be a rough day.

3. Make Yourself Busy

Scheduling a full day of meetings, trainings or busy work to help you take your mind off of things. Have you ever just looked up and found it was 5:00pm because your were too busy being busy? The same idea applies here. Jumping into work is only good for the day. We don't want to make a habit out of this because you must confront your issues at some point but I will give you a pass for the day.

4. Treat Yourself to a Nice Lunch

If you usually pack your lunches make a little room in the budget to splurge on your favorite salad or burger. You may not want to dine in solo since many couples will be there for a lunch date but select the carry out option or delivery option. Enjoy your lunch somewhere that is relaxing like an empty office away from noise or in the park. 

5. Send Flowers to Yourself 

When all else fails pull a, "Cher," and buy yourself a nice bouquet of long stem roses or chocolates. Have them sent to the office with a card from your, "secret admirer." How juicy is that?! Not only will you feel super special because you are spoiling yourself but imagine telling others that you received a gift from a mysterious yet thoughtful person. Yes, this technically counts as lying but why not have a little fun with it and make yourself feel better in the process? Plus, it totally helped Cher make the guy jealous and ask her on a date... You never know who is waiting to ask you out and watching from afar!

I hope this helps and remember that your single status is not a reflection of you being anything less than your beautiful, wonderful self! Mr. Right is on his way and the wait is worth it!

See you at the top,

The Young Professionalist


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