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Creating STAR Goals

We all got goals but the reality is that most of us won't accomplish them. Studies say that only 8% of people achieve their goals set for the New Year.  That's why the gym gets real quiet around March and April. People fall off the gravy train. I guarantee you its not because they don't want to accomplish their goals. Most times its because they didn't actively plan to achieve the goal. What's a goal without a plan? A dream...

In my DJ Khaled voice... I got the keys to planning out your goals. The simple exercise to success is turning your goals into STAR goals. Yup, their just like SMART goals but we're using another acronym. I teach this exercise to my clients at my 9-5 who are focusing on financial goals but STAR goals translate for any goal you wish to achieve. Personal, professional, financial, you name it and STAR goals will work.  So what is a STAR goal?  It's a goal that is Specific, Timely, Actionable and Realistic.

You didn't think I was going to leave you hanging and not show you how to make a STAR goal did you?  I wouldn't do you like that!  Let's work through an example of a goal turned into a STAR goal.

"Goal: I want to lose weight"

So, how can we make this a star goal? Ask yourself questions to dive deeper into the details of this goal. Actually, this exercise works best when you have someone else ask you questions. They will be able to see obstacles and details you may naturally miss.  Take your time asking and answering the questions because this is the process to creating the STAR goal which will translate into an actual plan. 

Questions for our sample goal may be:

How much weight do you want to lose?

  • Is that a healthy amount of weight to lose?

  • Has the amount of weight been cleared by your doctor?

  • If not, have you scheduled an appointment to speak with your doctor?

By when do you want to lose the weight?

  • Is that a realistic amount of time?

  • Is there a specific event you wish to lose the weight for?

How are you going to lose the weight?

  • Will you be using a weight loss support group?

  • Will you be using a weight loss app?

  • Are you going to use a personal trainer?

  • Are you going to count calories?

How much will your weight loss tools cost?

  • Do you have to pay for the support group, trainer or app?

  • Will your grocery budget increase due to healthier food?

  • Will you be buying new clothes as you lose weight?

Do you see how such a simple goal requires much more than just being written down? Expanding upon the goal will allow you to prepare for the barriers or needs to achieve the goal.  Turning a goal into a STAR goal helps you to create an action plan! 

Now that we've answered some key questions surrounding our goal lets make it a STAR goal.  You ready?  This is what a weight loss goal may look like as a STAR Goal:

"I am going to lose 20 pounds by September 1st, 2017 for my labor day cruise. I will set an appointment with my doctor to discuss my weight loss goals on January 3rd, 2017 for approval. Once approved I will make sure to begin using Weight Watchers by January 15th, 2017 which costs $20 per month. I will also increase my grocery budget by $50 to buy fresh fruits and vegetables which will be deducted from my eating out budget. Each week I will meal prep on Sundays to make sure I am sticking to my diet and avoiding bad foods."

This goal is long AF right? Here's the thing though. Its a STAR goal and an outlook on what the future will look like to accomplish the goal.  We've discussed steps to overcome spending too much money on healthy foods, what weight loss method we wish to use, and even planning meals. The goal is specific, timely, actionable and realistic.  You could even expand upon this goal even further but for the sake of you millennial attention span I'll end the example here.

Using this method has proven to be really successful with the clients I teach and in my personal life.  Its simple yet effective and will really help you with accomplishing those 2017 New Years resolutions. If you're planning out your goals let me know if you've used this method or even if you need a little help.  I got you!  

Happy goal setting and I wish you the happiest of New Years! 2017 is about to be lit...

See you at the top,

The Young Professionalist


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