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Boredom Eating in the Office

Have you ever been bored and as a result you just start snacking on anything and everything around you?  Usually this happens on the couch during a Netflix binge but other times it happens in the office right?  Eating out of boredom has been my most recent struggle with switching from a traveling position to an office position.  Although I have plenty of tasks on my plate its very easy to just grab a snack for comfort and distraction.

In 2012 I began my weight loss journey after living most of my life overweight.  I learned how to pack the right lunches for work and navigate fast food restaurants after working late nights.  Over the year I was able to lose 50 pounds by changing my eating habits.  Thankfully, I've been able to keep most of the weight off but I do go back and forth within the last 7-10 pounds of my weight loss.  So, its a constant struggle to maintain my weight.  Naturally, I am someone who has to work a little harder to be healthy.

Continuing my journey to healthiness is so important to me so I try to find ways to avoid eating out of boredom in the office.  Here are a few tips that usually help me during those long office days.  

1. Drink Water

Our brains can be tricky by making us think we are hungry when in reality we are just thirsty.  Before you grab a snack, grab something to drink and see if it curbs the hunger.  By the way, when I say something to drink I mean water.  The healthy option!  Your body could be asking for hydration so make sure to get plenty of water throughout the day.  A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water.  If you feel that is too much for you then at least get in the 6-8 cups of water recommended by nutritionist.  I struggle to get in my water every day but I try to make it fun with fun cups and tumblers that add to the decor of my desk.

2.  Always Keep Healthy Snacks

If you must snack on something at least let it be healthy.  One day I'll really have to do a tour of my food drawer at work because it has some real life savers!  I have mastered creating full healthy breakfast and lunch meals in the microwave.  My drawer includes snacks that I pick up from the grocery store on Sundays.  This helps me to avoid going out and spending money on a snack and choosing the wrong snack during the week.  I typically keep bananas, oatmeal, granola, peanut butter, cucumbers, apples, rice cakes and 90 calorie packs in my stash at all times.  I also currently have a jar of Chef Boyardee... *teehee*   

3.  Give Yourself Snack Times

Instead of randomly grabbing a snack at any time.  I plan to have my snack at a certain time of the day.  This is typically around 10:30am when I may need to take a break.  I usually take a walk during my break so its nice to not only have a snack but to also take a small walk to relax for a bit. Another benefit to having snack times is that I can avoid overeating due to extreme hunger and also use snacks as a reward for staying on task for a certain amount of time.  Snacking your way to focus!

Whatever you do, don't let snacking get in the way of your weight goals or add to your waistline because your bored.  Move past the urge and realize that you are not hungry and that you need either a break or something to challenge you.  This may be a great time to speak with your boss or supervisor and ask them for engaging or challenging opportunities.  It could also mean that you've outgrown your position and need to move on to bigger and better things.  The small signs can lead to truths you didn't see!

I'm still a work in progress and as I learn more I will definitely continue to share my hacks to avoid eating out of boredom.  I would also love to know what are some tips that you use as well.  Comment below or send a tweet to let me know!

See you at the top,

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